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With an emphasis on health issues, this podcast will also touch upon timely matters that you will have a part in helping to make up the content.

Imagine!  Pick a subject… any subject… and challenge us to focus on that particular subject.

Each podcast is copyright free and you may listen for your own enjoyment or share it with a radio audience. Its program length is 1 hour long with breaks in between for local business/organization commercials and advertisements.

You may contact us if you are interested in using our commercial space.

Richard Roby
Richard RobyHost/Producer
Richard Roby is a man that has grown in the life of showbiz and worked with many people in the radio industry for over 40 years. He was told several years ago that he had Parkinson’s, but instead of letting life pass him on, he became passionate about sharing what he has learned over the years with those who struggle with health-related issues to give them hope for the future.

Richard Roby now is the host for Focus Production and continues to bring joy, understanding, and hope for all who listen.


Kathy Casey
Kathy CaseyCo-Host
Kathy Casey comes from the Midwest and has lived in Tulsa, OK for 16 years, near her daughter and grandsons.A fierce advocate for the disadvantaged, she continues to fight against the stigma of mental illness in order to broaden treatment options and save lives.

The tragic suicide of her teenage son led to positive fruit being born by helping many parents to navigate the chaos to find real-time support both emotional and financial. She has also spent decades in pet rescue along the way.