A Hard Act To “Swallow”

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Welcome to another episode of Focus Production.  We’ve been on the topic of Lewy Bodies and their effect on us for the past few weeks, and we continue to go into just a little more detail on the differences between Lewy Bodies and Parkinson’s before we move on to our main topic of the […]

Lewy Bodies – Fact Or Fiction?

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In today’s episode, we will be continuing our discussion from last week on Lewy Bodies, but we bring a guest in by the name of Shannon Bridges to elaborate on the subject.

With so much that we don’t know about Lewy Bodies, it’s nice to have an idea of what they are and how they […]

Lewy Body Dementia

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Most illnesses are seen right away when they come; others are much more subtle in their approach; and then some, you may never know existed.  Lewy Bodies are a difficult thing to identify, and we want to reveal the mysteries that surround the topic.

Kathy Casey walks us through the discoveries that have been made […]

Revisiting Mental Illness – Part 2

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Welcome to today’s podcast.  In this episode, we will be welcoming back Dr.Gloria Dialectic from the National Alliance of Mental Illness (NAMI) back on the show.

We continue to discuss Gloria’s discovery in the life that she has lived in the field of mental illness.  We are introduced to what goes on behind the scenes […]

Questions And Some Answers

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Welcome to our next podcast in the series!  Today, we’ll be talking about Parkinson’s Disease and some questions that we all think about, but never ask.  Richard Roby gives us those answers and provides some interesting insight on questions we may not have thought of.

Parkinson’s Disease can subtly work its way into anyone’s life. […]

Revisiting Mental Illness

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Welcome to our next episode of Focus Production.  We have a wonderful guest by the name of Dr.Gloria Dialectic, and she brings insight on subjects that help us understand more about mental illness.  We touch on the subject of the health benefits laughter has on the body and mind.  We encourage those who are […]

Bipolar Disorders

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For most, life is a pretty simple process other than the typical things we worry about, but some have a few more things to be aware of.  One such thing is bipolar disorders and it’s a very real thing that people go through, but it’s hard to notice those who suffer from it.  That’s […]

Behind The Scene with Dr. Young

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We had a wonderful time with our guest speaker, Dr. Young.  His experience and knowledge added so much to our podcast episode.

He has many great books that he has written, and we would love for you to take some time to visit his website at www.drscottyoung.com/.  He has a lot of insight on the […]

Power of Sound

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In this podcast episode, we go into the power of sound and how they can affect us in various ways.

We discuss a particular topic that Richard Roby has been thinking about lately, and that is about the Vagus Nerve.  We go a little in depth as to what that is, and what it does […]

Producer’s Pick

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Welcome to our next exciting episode of Focus On Your Health.  We talk about some special pieces of work that we’ve done in the past, and elaborate a little further on how they can help us today.

We go through some organic remedies that have been known help with various issues that include whiter teeth […]