Chit Chat 2

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In this episode, we go back to a fan favorite and do a little chit chat but we talk about a specific topic: Memory.

We discuss different questions regarding the brain and remembering things.  Mental illnesses such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other types can restrict those from using their memory as well.

We bring up ways […]

Postpartum For Dads

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We are continuing our episode from last week as we go into Postpartum Depression, but we’ll be focusing on fathers and how they deal with a similar effect.  We welcome Danielle again as she shares her experiences with her husband during such a difficult time.

There are struggles that come, but it really depends on […]

Postpartum Depression

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Postpartum Depression is something that a lot of people face, and it’s something that we should be more aware of.  To help with this, we talk about the seriousness of the depression and the things that we can do to help.

This episode, hosted by Kathy Casey, starts off with Richard telling a personal story […]

Chit Chat

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In this episode, we listen to Richard and Kathy as they go through various topics that are health related.  We start with a letter to the doctors from a perspective of someone whose family member is suffering a mental illness.

We talk about the struggles of caregiving and how important it is to take care […]

Games People Play

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Join us today as we take a break from the usual pattern of our podcast and play a little guessing game of things that are great for your mental and physical health.  We have Kathy and Louis with us as we go through the different questions, guesses, and eventually the answers.

Who knows?  Maybe you’ll […]

Parkinson’s (With Guest Speaker Christy)

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We invite Christy back on the show as we go more in-depth of what Parkinson’s is and share experiences that Parkinson’s patients deal on a daily basis.  Christy recounts moments in her life that Parkinson’s has affected her and what she does to overcome them.

We also go into the issue of labelling and the […]

We Meet Kathy

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We have had Kathy Casey on the show as a co-host with us for quite some time, and she has proven time and time again of her ability to share a wealth of information for us to digest; but it is time for us to get to know more about this wonderful person and […]

OCD Continued

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OCD can be a challenging burden as an adult, but it can be even more so as a child or a teen.  We go into the life of a young man by the age of 16 who not only deals with OCD on a daily basis, but how he gets through life and using […]

Blast Off

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We are happy to announce that this is our first official broadcast with KABC!  It is with our humble gratitude to be able to work alongside a great radio station, but we are still going strong with our podcasts so you, our listeners can enjoy these great shows that we record every week!

For the […]


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Alzheimer’s is a disease that is devastating to all who is affected by it and the close friends and families that they associate with.  It truly can be a challenging experience when you’re going through the unknown of Alzheimer’s, and that’s where we want to help.

We go in depth of Alzheimer’s and we share […]