Focus Production Podcast Producer – Richard Roby

Richard Roby is a man that has the dream of bringing hope and restoration to those who struggle with health whether it’s physical or mental, and he has seen it come to life with hard work and the determination of a team that shared the vision.

We have heard stories all around the nation from our listeners of how this broadcast has helped them in many ways, but we want to take this even further.  We want to share this knowledge and hope further than what our finances can achieve.

That’s where we need you… our listeners.

With the help of you guys, we can reach a level that we would never be able to do on our own, and that level is to continue this as an organization that can go on beyond just one man or one woman.  We want to create a legacy that will touch lives, and we can’t do it without you.

If you want to help, we have a wonderful page on GoFundMe that is striving to reach our goal.  We would love any donation that you can give.  If you can’t give more than a dollar, it still helps tremendously.  Richard Roby firmly believes in this production and doesn’t want it to leave with him, but rather have a life of its own.  Let’s make that dream a reality!

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