It’s All About Music and The Brain – Part 2

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We welcome John Glazer back to the production as he plays some improv music on the piano for everyone to enjoy.  We discuss the effect of dopamine and music, and how it affects the brain in a way that leads to healing.  It has been so helpful that scientists are even using music to […]

Getting Personal

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We dive into the producer and host, Richard Roby’s life and how he got to where he is today.  Richard goes into details of his ups and downs that shaped the man that he is, and shows that anyone can reach their dreams with hard work and perseverance. His story is an inspiration to […]

Single Parenting

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For those of you who are living as single parents or know of single parents, then this is a podcast you must listen to. In this episode, Kathy Casey about the struggles and the difficulties of being a single parent, and ways to get help and succeed as you raise your children.  We go […]

Depression… Facts or Fiction?

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In today’s episode, we talk with Kathy Casey on depression and what it is.  We discuss the physical and psychological effects that can cause depression with solutions to help fight depression.  Kathy brings up some statistics that can help us understand how important it is to help others with depression.

She continues to share her […]


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We start this podcast with a poem written by a lady name Hope Harter.  Spoken by Richard Roby, he shares the poem with the intention of sharing hope to all who listen.  We talk with Louis Drapp and how music brings hope, and the joy it brings for others.

We discuss Parkinson’s, statistics, and the […]

The Power of Positive Thinking

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We have our co-host Kathy, associate music director Louis, and guest speaker Ray to talk about suicide and the power of positive thinking.  Suicide is something that plagues our world, and we want to share how to get through the tough times and tell some stories of others that were able to win against […]

Blink (with Guest Speaker: Dr. Kali B. Cole)

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Join us today as we talk about the connection between the eye and the brain.  We talk about a process from Stan Freeburg called Guided Imagery and walk you through the process.  We also have a guest by the name of Dr.Kali B. Cole that gives us insight on the new research that is […]

Music and The Brain (with Guest Speaker: John Glazer)

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If you’ve ever been curious as to what music can do for you, then this is a podcast that you won’t want to miss.  We welcome John Glazer to the show with his excellent ability to play music with and without sheet music.  He tells us about his life as a musician and his […]

Thinking Hats (with Guest Speaker: Louis Drapp)

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Many people have different ways of thinking.  When it comes to our thoughts, emotions, and perspectives, the way we perceive things can affect our outlook on life and situations that come our way.  The topic of the day is thinking hats and how we can change the hat we have on to make our […]

The Master’s Mouse (with Guest Speaker: Christie Kennedy)

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Our first-ever podcast with a wonderful guest speaker by the name of Christie Kennedy.  As with all new podcasts, we go into detail as to what Focus Production is and is going to be in the future for us and for those around us.

This podcast is on the topic of Parkinson’s Disease and the […]